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My name is Jordi Blasco

I work as a computational scientist by day and as an amateur astronomer by night. With a background in computational physics, I am an avid astronomy advocate and science communicator dedicated to engaging the general public. My lifelong fascination with astronomy has driven my passion for astrophotography, which I have pursued enthusiastically for the past 26 years.

Skylabs, my hobby business, helps me sustain this expensive interest. I love designing innovative tools for visual astronomy and astrophotography and helping newcomers get started in this field. In my spare time, I contribute to citizen science projects and participate in STEM programs at primary and secondary schools.

I have also created popular tools and gadgets used by astrophotographers worldwide. Over more than two decades of photographing the night sky, I have evolved from using traditional 35mm film SLR cameras to modern CCDs and CMOS sensors.

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