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Capture the Stars, Master the Night: Unleash Your Inner Cosmical Artist in our Landscape Astrophotography Course!

Regular Price 78NZ$ - Launch Price 39 NZ$

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Embrace the beauty of the night

Astrophotography is unlike regular photography, which only requires getting to the right location and capturing a single shot. Astrophotography requires much more planning, aligning the time you will be there with weather, tides, time of the day, location of the Milky Way, and setting up your equipment to gather several shots to produce a single image.

The time spent in post-production is quite significant, and it requires modern computer equipment to handle several images simultaneously. For those reasons, astrophotography represents one of the most challenging types of photography. You are going to embark on a complex journey; hopefully, this training will save you several hours of learning and help you avoid several mistakes on the way.

Master your gear

You don’t need to invest much money to get started in astrophotography. As you will learn in this course, you can get stunning images with very basic equipment. My personal recommendation is to start small and grow as you need. 
If you feel like you want to move further into this type of photography, you can incorporate more advanced and expensive equipment in your backpack. This training course will cover advanced tools and equipment. You can always return to this training course and learn how to use them.

Start or improve?

This training course is suitable for people getting started in astrophotography and consolidated starry landscape photographers that want to improve their skills. This training course has more than 30 hours of content, including reading material, videos tutorials, and hands-on sessions. You have up to 52 weeks to complete the course.

If you already have experience in astrophotography and you are enrolled in this training course to learn more advanced topics, please consider reviewing the basic contents as well. Maybe there are some topics and concepts introduced in the introductory sections that you haven’t seen yet.

Daniel Young, New Zealand

“This course exceeded my expectations! The instructor's knowledge and passion for astrophotography truly shone through. I learned invaluable techniques for capturing stunning nightscapes."

Steve Frakes, Australia

"I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in landscape astrophotography. The curriculum was well structured, covering everything from equipment setup to image post-processing. The hands-on practice sessions helped me gain confidence in capturing breathtaking images of the night sky."

Lisa Gardner, USA

“I can't express enough how transformative this course has been for my photography skills. I learned techniques that elevated my night photography to a whole new level.”


My name is Jordi Blasco

My background is in computational physics and I’m a very active astronomy advocate and science communicator to the general public. I have always been fascinated by astronomy, and astrophotography has been my passion for the last 26 years. I have also designed very popular tools and gadgets used by astrophotographers around the world. I have been photographing the night sky for more than two decades, transitioning from old-school 35 mm film SLR cameras to CCDs and CMOS sensors.

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